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Luxury Coastal Living: Designing Serene Interiors In Fort Lauderdale

Luxury Coastal Living: Designing Serene Interiors In Fort Lauderdale

Are you dreaming of a luxurious coastal lifestyle in Fort Lauderdale? With stunning ocean views and warm tropical weather, it’s no wonder that this city has become a sought-after destination for those who crave the ideal mix of relaxation and luxury.

But how do you create a serene and stylish interior that complements the natural beauty of the area? In this article, we’ll explore some key design elements to help you achieve the ultimate luxury coastal living experience in Fort Lauderdale.

First and foremost, incorporating coastal elements into your design is crucial for creating a cohesive and relaxing atmosphere. This can include anything from incorporating natural materials like wood and woven textures, to adding ocean-inspired artwork and accessories.

By bringing the outside in, you’ll be able to create a sense of calm and tranquility that is synonymous with coastal living. So, whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to refresh your existing space, let’s dive into the details of designing serene interiors in Fort Lauderdale.

Incorporating Coastal Elements Into Your Design

You don’t want to miss out on these tips for bringing the essence of the beach into your home decor.

Start by incorporating beach inspired artwork into your living space. This can be as simple as hanging up a painting of the ocean or a picture of a sandy beach. You can also add in some decor pieces like seashells or driftwood to really bring the beach to life.

Another way to incorporate coastal elements into your design is by incorporating natural textures. This can be done by using materials like seagrass, wicker, or rattan in your furniture. You can also add in some texture with a jute or sisal rug.

By using these natural materials, you’ll create a serene and calming atmosphere in your home that will make you feel like you’re right by the ocean.

Choosing the Right Color Palette

Get ready to paint the town (and your walls) with a color palette that’ll transport you to a state of calm and relaxation. When designing a luxurious coastal interior, choosing the right color scheme is crucial.

Color psychology plays a significant role in creating a serene atmosphere. The shades of blue, green, and beige are perfect for evoking the feeling of being by the beach. These colors are calming, soothing, and refreshing. They remind us of the sky, sea, sand, and foliage, which are all elements of coastal living. These hues can be used on walls, furniture, and accessories, creating a cohesive and harmonious look.

When selecting a color palette, it’s essential to consider coordinating textiles. The fabrics you choose will complement and enhance the colors on your walls and furnishings. Textiles such as curtains, pillows, and throws can add depth, texture, and pattern to a room. They can also bring in other colors that complement the primary hues.

For example, a blue and white striped rug can add a nautical touch to a beige room, while a green velvet sofa can add a pop of color to a neutral space. When choosing textiles, it’s important to select high-quality materials that’re durable and comfortable. By incorporating coordinating textiles, you can create a space that feels luxurious, inviting, and relaxing.

Selecting Furniture for Comfort and Style

Now it’s time to think about what furniture will make you feel comfortable and stylish in your space. When selecting furniture, consider the type of activities you’ll be doing in each room.

Will you be lounging, working, or entertaining guests? For lounging areas, opt for ergonomic seating that’ll support your body and provide maximum comfort. A textured sofa or armchair can add a touch of luxury and visual interest to your living room.

When it comes to designing your bedroom, prioritize comfort above all else. Look for a plush mattress and high-quality bedding that’ll make you look forward to crawling into bed each night.

A cozy reading nook with a soft armchair or chaise lounge can also be a great addition to your bedroom. Choose textured fabrics like velvet or chenille to add a tactile element to your space.

By selecting furniture that balances style and comfort, you can create a serene environment that feels like a true retreat.

Adding Accessories for a Personal Touch

Adding accessories is key to making a space feel personal and inviting, and it doesn’t have to be expensive or overwhelming. One way to add a personal touch is by mixing textures and layering patterns. For example, you could add a cozy throw blanket with a different texture than your pillows, or layer a patterned rug over a solid-colored one.

Adding variety to your textures and patterns will create a visually interesting and inviting space. Another way to add a personal touch is by creating a gallery wall. Displaying art, photographs, or even personal mementos on a wall can make a space feel uniquely yours.

When creating a gallery wall, mix and match different frame styles and sizes for a dynamic look. And don’t be afraid to mix in other decor elements, like mirrors or shelves, to add depth and interest to your wall display. Overall, adding accessories is a fun and affordable way to personalize your space and make it feel like home.

Maximizing Natural Light and Views

Maximizing natural light and taking advantage of scenic views can transform a room into a bright and airy oasis. Start by choosing window treatments that allow light to filter in while still maintaining privacy. Sheer curtains or blinds that can be adjusted to let in light while blocking glare are great choices.

In addition to window treatments, consider the layout of your space. Arrange furniture to face windows and take advantage of any outdoor living spaces. Whether it’s a balcony or patio, create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living by adding plants and comfortable seating.

By incorporating these elements, you’ll create an inviting space that makes the most of the natural light and views.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully designed your luxury coastal living space in Fort Lauderdale. The serene interiors, incorporating coastal elements and a carefully chosen color palette, provide a comfortable and stylish ambiance. Your furniture selection, focusing on comfort and style, fits the space perfectly. The accessories you added give a personal touch, making the space feel uniquely yours.

But wait, there’s more! As you relax in your serene coastal abode, taking in the natural light and stunning views, you can’t help but notice the irony. You’ve created a tranquil space, yet the hustle and bustle of the city surrounds you. The juxtaposition of the calming interior against the lively city life outside creates a balance, reminding you to take a deep breath and enjoy the serenity of your own space.